The Landscape Portal is ICRAF’s interactive online spatial data storage and visualization platform. It comes with a rich set of features to store, document, search and retrieve, and visualize spatial data and maps.
About the Landscapes Portal

The Landscapes Portal is an online GIS platform with a number of features for visualisation, data management and spatial modelling. Some of the upcoming features in future releases include:
  • Time-series analysis
  • Toolkits for interactive modeling
  • Mapping of phenology
  • Species abundance mapping
  • Species diversity mapping (e.g. trees)
  • Vegetation analysis
  • Soil mapping (e.g. SOC, pH, etc.)

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About us

We work towards the application of GeoScience in real decision contexts, such as climate change adaptation, hydrological effects of changes in climate and land cover, targeting of agroforestry interventions, provision of soil fertility and surveillance advisory services for smallholder farmers, digital soil and land use/cover mapping, and measuring impacts of interventions, all using open source software.