Livelihoods and landscapes strategies are plans to deliver human and environmental needs in large areas of land. They have a special emphasis on improving livelihoods through the sustainable use of forests. Each strategy is different, but they all combine technical, local and organisational knowledge, and aim to be environmentally friendly, financially sustainable and socially equitable. In achieving these multiple aims, decisions for different uses in different parts of a landscape often result in trade-offs that are negotiated between multiple stakeholders.

Data mapped based on locational descriptions on IUCN LLS website and assumed maximum spatial administrative extents of policy reach.

Awaiting more specific information for sites in Brazil; Mali, Burkina-Faso; and Great Lakes regions.

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flora and/or fauna in natural environment. Examples: wildlife, vegetation, biological sciences, ecology, wilderness, sealife, wetlands, habitat
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lives and landscape

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vector data is used to represent geographic data
Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
Iucn_Site Iucn_Site NA
Shape_Area Shape_Area NA 3.87 0.07 10.33
Shape_Leng Shape_Leng NA 13.27 1.53 35.59
Type_1 Type_1 NA
Name_3 Name_3 NA
Engtype_2 Engtype_2 NA
Name_2 Name_2 NA
Name_1 Name_1 NA
Name_0 Name_0 NA
Iso Iso NA
Id_0 Id_0 NA 134.36 94.00 61.89

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