Land Potential Datasets for Agroforestry of South Asia1

The dataset is modeled and analyzed in the GIS domain using diversified datasets of land, climate, topography, and soil in a large continuous swath of the South Asian subcontinent with countries including, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The datasets used and methods applied are described in detail in the article Ahmad et al. 2020.

The Land Potential for Agroforestry Database of South Asia provides raster data (a continuous value) describing the percent value which varies from 0 to 100 (the higher value shows higher land potentiality towards agroforestry).
Description of Raster data
1. Format: GeoTIFF
2. Projected Coordinate System: UTM, Zone 43N
3. Spatial resolution: (10 km x 10 km)
We actively encourage the use of these products for scientific purposes. Any further queries about the data should contact Firoz Ahmad (adfiroz@yahoo.com) or Laxmi Goparju (goparajulaxmi@yahoo.com).

Ahmad, F.; Uddin, M.M.; Goparaju, L.; Rizvi, J.; Biradar, C. Quantification of the Land Potential for Scaling Agroforestry in SouthAsia.KN J. Cart. Geogr. Inf.2020,70, 71–89. https://doi.org/10.1007/s42489-020-00045-0

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Raster Data
South Asia , Potential , Agroforestry
rearing of animals and/or cultivation of plants. Examples: agriculture, irrigation, aquaculture, plantations, herding, pests and diseases affecting crops and livestock
South Asia
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The idea of modeling land potential towards agroforestry purposes in a GIS environment has been a brainchild of Firoz Ahmad. The objective of this project...

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March 1, 2019, midnight - Aug. 1, 2019, midnight
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No information providedWe kindly ask any users to cite this database in any published material produced using this data, and if possible link web pages to th...

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